[Interest] Qt Charts questions

Murphy, Sean smurphy at walbro.com
Mon Jan 8 14:55:11 CET 2018

> As long as this isn't for printing...
> Fix 1-3 by normailizing each sensor from min to max, and plot that. This is C++ so you can 
> override at() in the QXYLineSeries. You should be able to dymically change the Y legend 
> when you mouse over a > specific point.

I’ll take a look at this idea, but I don’t think it’ll work for what we’re doing mainly because 
there’s always the possibility that two or more different series are either crossing or lie on 
top of each other at a specific value(s) of x and I would have no way of knowing 
programmatically which series the user is attempting to mouse over to pick the correct 
scale to display on the y-axis.
> I think you are correct in that there's not much documentation on how to customize your 
> charts for use with QChartView, but looking at the QAbstract* classes in the module, it 
> looks like they provide an abstract base class for everything you need to add new chart 
> types.

I’ll take a look at this. Really, all that is required for me to get this to work is the ability to 
set a fixed width to the axes items, so that the width of an axis item doesn’t change when
 the min/max values change, as they do now.


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