[Interest] Qt Charts questions

Alexander Semke alexander.semke at web.de
Sun Jan 7 20:37:46 CET 2018

On 04.01.2018 22:59, Murphy, Sean wrote:
> > I noticed that too, but unlike a lot of Qt mailing list topics, they 
> more or less
> > "just work" and are "as-is" due to the clear and limited scope.
> I find that they work well if you're just trying to have one plot, but 
> I'm struggling to get
> them to work the way I need them to for our requirements:
Are you looking for a library that you want to include into your 
application or do you simply want to visualize the data as described? If 
the latter is the case, why not to use plotting applications like Kst 
LabPlot, etc.? In case you need a library, maybe you want to check 
QCustomPlot - it's more powerful I think. Our plotting engine in LabPlot 
would be also able to fulfill your requirements but the code is not 
available as a separate library yet..

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