[Interest] Qt Charts questions

Murphy, Sean smurphy at walbro.com
Mon Jan 8 20:13:37 CET 2018

> > I find that they work well if you're just trying to have one plot, but I'm struggling to get
> > them to work the way I need them to for our requirements:

> Are you looking for a library that you want to include into your application or do you 
> simply want to visualize the data as described? If the latter is the case, why not to use 
> plotting applications like Kst LabPlot, etc.? In case you need a library, maybe you want 
> to check QCustomPlot - it's more powerful I think. Our plotting engine in LabPlot would 
> be also able to fulfill your requirements but the code is not available as a separate 
> library yet..

I'm definitely looking for a library. A huge part of the purpose of my application is to
talk to one of our devices, log data from it, plot it on a timeline, and allow the user to
access that data visually.

I had never heard of QCustomPlot before, I'm looking at it now, but if I'm reading their site
correctly, the licensing might not work for us - it appears to be licensed GPL and we'd need
something more like LGPL


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