[Interest] Using private QtQuick APIs

Benjamin TERRIER b.terrier at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 13:56:05 CET 2018

2018-01-18 9:32 GMT+01:00 Uwe Rathmann <Uwe.Rathmann at tigertal.de>:

> And as long as C++ has not been agreed to be an officially supported API
> to implemented Qt/Quick applications I don't have many arguments for my
> patches.

I remember one of the Qt SceneGraph/Quick developers saying at some point
that most of
the scene graph API is private because when Qt Quick 2 was published the
were expected to change a lot. He might have added that the internal APIs
could (should ?) be public in the future.

I do not remember who it was and haven't been able to find the message.

IMHO it would be nice to have a fully usable public C++ API for the scene
graph. Last time I checked
even the glyph node was private. But I do not see it happening any time
soon, it has been requested several times
in the past years and none of the involved people seem to care about this.


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