[Interest] Dynamic Text Rendering in Canvas3D Using three.js

Miller, Doug dmiller at JFTI.com
Tue Jan 30 15:13:27 CET 2018

I'm new to WebGl and three.js. I have a QML based application that has approximately 400 2D text labels that need to be updated at 20 fps. I have looked at THREE.TextGeometry, but it seems like it is too inefficient to use and the text is only set in the constructor which makes it static (instead of dynamic which is my use case). I know QML has Canvas 2D, but I've found it inefficient when trying to implement things like text outlining. One avenue that I can think of pursuing is using Qt Quick items as a texture source for Qt Canvas3D textures (via Canvas3DTextureProvider), but I don't know how efficient that may be.  Another ideas is to use Qt's 2D Canvas to render off screen, but I don't know how to import that into a texture so it can be rendered via Canvas3D.

Can you please give me some direction here? Should I drop the use of three.js?


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