[Interest] [QtRO] Qt Remote Objects Security and Encryption

MASTER OF ORION master.of.m42 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 21:46:03 CET 2018

 Qt Developers! Hi guys! On how many I have understood QtRO, now generally
there is no possibility somehow to protect  server objects
like QRemoteObjectRegistryHost or QRemoteObjectHost from hackers access via
Look, i'm creating an QRemoteObjectRegistryHost object, it just listen a
port (probably through the QTcpServer) and absolutely any client from any
computer can access this object through internet ... It's not good... It's
only suitable for the IPC within a single computer. Do you have plans to
add authorization mechanism to QRemoteObjectRegistryHost? And if you add
even the ability to encrypt the data through (e.g. RSA), it will be
generally an miracle! Guys, do it please :)
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