[Interest] QVector registered meta type in Qt 5.0

Luca Beldi Luca.Beldi at twentyfouram.com
Thu Jul 5 09:46:54 CEST 2018

Hi Everyone!
I'm testing a program linking against Qt 5.0 and it looks like QVector<int> is not a registered metatype in this version.
I guess this is the reason why tst_QIdentityProxyModel::initTestCase actually calls qRegisterMetaType<QVector<int> >().
That's not an issue but I would like to know what was the first version that came with a pre-registered QVector.
I would normally run a git blame but in this case I have no idea where in the sources Qt types are pre-registered.
A bit of further investigation led me closer, Qt 5.1.1 has QVector<int> pre-registered while Qt 5.0.2 doesn't, I'd still like to know what exact patch version introduced the change.
Thanks in advance,
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