[Interest] qmlscene install problems (was: Interest, Digest, Vol 82, , Issue 5)

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Subject: Re: [Interest] qmlscene install problems (was: Interest, Digest, Vol 82, , Issue 5)

When the virus known as QML was unleashed on the world, the "teaser app" was the Welcome screen in QtCreator. It had pretty much the exact same level of success as the PowerFailure teaser app. Actually, the PowerFailure teaser app worked better. On a large number of YABU distros, QtCreator wouldn't even load, just crashed. On others it would start but had other problems. In the YABU world, 

qtcreator -noload Welcome

Maybe you should have tried another Linux distribution? I've never had a problem loading any of the QtCreators on our Ubuntu boxes (starting with 14.04 up and through 18.04).

While the jury is still out if QML is a success or not I think that attempting to give developers quicker ways to build applications is something that should be pursued. What is wrong with wanting a more efficient way to create our applications. What is wrong with wanting to make our applications appeal to the "younger crowd" by using newer technologies. Just because something failed back then does not mean that iterating on that idea (RAD) is bound to failure again. As a community of developers we should always be pushing ahead with technologies to make our lives easier. Sometimes those technologies work and sometimes they don't. As long as we learn from the mistakes and keep forging ahead is what matters.

Mike Jackson

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