[Interest] Problems with QCamera/QML Camera when trying to porting a desktop application to android tablet

Roman Wüger
Tue Jul 31 17:18:30 CEST 2018

Hello guys,
I try to port a desktop application to an android tablet. At the moment everthing seems to work smoothly except the camera stuff.
Previously QCamera with QCamerViewfinder was used but does not work on android, because I read that Qt Multimedia isn’t available on android and so I rewrote the entire camera stuff with QML.
A smaller application with only one dialog for demonstration works well. But since the desktop application is multi hierarchical with dialogs,
I whether does not see a video or in the second case the dialog in which the camera stuff is implemented is not shown.
This depends on whether I use QQuickView in combination with QWidget::createWindowContainer or QQuickWidget.
I saw the following entries, but the solutions are not working for me:
I tried Qt 5.9.5 to Qt 5.11.1 on an Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) with Android 7.0
I hope someone can help me with the problem.
Thanks in advance
Best Regards
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