[Interest] Audio playback deplay using HTTP on iOS

Knut Schle├čelmann knut.schlesselmann at fortis-it.de
Thu Mar 8 12:59:07 CET 2018


currently we try to play audio using HTTP on multiple platforms. Everything works fine so far but it seems that iOS (10/11) bufferes the whole file before starting the actual playback.

You can see my sample code at https://github.com/kschlesselmann/qml-audio

Since the test runs fine on iOS 9 and fails on iOS 10/11 we found <https://developer.apple.com/documentation/avfoundation/avplayer/1643482-automaticallywaitstominimizestal> https://developer.apple.com/documentation/avfoundation/avplayer/1643482-automaticallywaitstominimizestal as well.

Do you have an ideas what might go wrong here?


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