[Interest] VideoOutput and video rotation metadata - bug?

Benjamin B (BBenj) balga.benjamin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 21:53:23 CET 2018


I'm trying to play a video in QML using MediaPlayer + VideoOutput, and the
video has a 90° rotation metadata (so recorded in "landscape" but should be
displayed in portait).

But VideoOutput crops the video! The video is rotated, but cropped in
landscape in the middle, as represented in this little drawing:

Is that a bug or did I missed something? The orientation property doesn't
fix the issue (the same video part is rotated).

My code is as simple as that:

MediaPlayer {

        id: player

        source: "file:///path/to/file.mp4"

        autoPlay: true


    VideoOutput {

        anchors.fill: parent

        source: player


Video was recorded with ffmpeg and the metadata "rotate=90".
Using Qt5.10 under macOS 10.12 Sierra


Best Regards,
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