[Interest] QImage::Format_Grayscale8 work working

Nikolai Tasev nikolai at nand.bg
Fri Mar 16 14:52:57 CET 2018

I am not sure if there any difference in how the Indexed8 and Grayscale8 
are saved. It also depends on the
file format. As far as I remember many formats always save as 32bits.

First look at the pixel data as raw unsigned char values to see if the 
conversion is correct, maybe the problem comes
later when saving. Then you can also try with some small synthetic 
images for specialized tests.

Grayscale8 is a most recent development is there any chance that you use 
a newer header and older library?

On 3/16/2018 3:14 PM, Jason H wrote:
> It returns black. All black. Hence the issue :-)
> The original file is an 8MP 4:3 image as png it saves to ~10mb.
> - as a Grayscale8 it saves as 8 KB-kilo. (should be 8,121,344)
> - as Indexed8 it saves as 5.5mb
> I'd expect Greyscale8 to be about the same size on disk as Indexed8 +/- color table.
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>> Subject: Re: [Interest] QImage::Format_Grayscale8 work working
>> What is not working for Grayscale? Looking at the code it will do
>> different things when you are passing Qt::red, Qt::blue, Qt::green.
>> It will not return a color image but a grayscale image of the
>> corresponding channel.
>> On 3/16/2018 2:08 PM, Jason H wrote:
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>>>> Subject: Re: [Interest] QImage::Format_Grayscale8 work working
>>>> Format_Indexed8 and Format_Grayscale8 both have 8bit per pixel. The
>>>> difference is that to convert from the 8bit pixel to RGB values
>>>> (QImage::pixel() method)
>>>> for Indexed8u you need to set the Palette for conversion and for
>>>> Grayscale8 you don't (it just assumes that R=G=B=gray value)
>>> I am aware of that.
>>>> Are you trying to extract a channel from a multichannel image and put it
>>>> into a grayscale image? The code seems unnecessary complex
>>>> and inefficient for such a task. You just need to get the data pointer
>>>> and skip the uneeded channels and keep watch for the end of the row.
>>> That assumes I be want to do the math for every Format. ARGB is easy, RGB888 is not, etc. Pixel() alerts need to not care. Yes, I could use scan lines, but then each format requires code. Which I haven't got time to write now.
>>> Anyway, I be still believe my code is correct, and it's still not working.
>>>> On 3/15/2018 10:21 PM, Jason H wrote:
>>>>> Given the following functions, I should be able to create a non-all black image (assuming input is good)? The only success I have is using Indexed8
>>>>> QHash<QRgb, qint32 (*)(QRgb)> colorFuncs {
>>>>> 	{ Qt::red,   qRed},
>>>>> 	{ Qt::green, qGreen},
>>>>> 	{ Qt::blue,  qBlue},
>>>>> 	{ Qt::gray,  qGray},
>>>>> };
>>>>> QImage color8(const QImage &image, int channel) { // Channel is one of Qt::red Qt::green Qt::blue or Qt::gray
>>>>> 	QImage out(image.width(), image.height(), QImage::Format_Indexed8);  // Change to Format_Grayscale8, and get nothing
>>>>> // for indexed8
>>>>> 	QVector<QRgb> values;
>>>>> 	values.reserve(256);
>>>>> 	if (channel==Qt::gray) { for (int c=0; c<256; c++) values.append(qRgb(c,c,c)); }
>>>>> 	if (channel==Qt::red)  { for (int c=0; c<256; c++) values.append(qRgb(c,0,0)); }
>>>>> 	if (channel==Qt::green){ for (int c=0; c<256; c++) values.append(qRgb(0,c,0)); }
>>>>> 	if (channel==Qt::blue) { for (int c=0; c<256; c++) values.append(qRgb(0,0,c)); }
>>>>> 	out.setColorTable(values);
>>>>> // end for indexed8
>>>>> 	int (*colorFunc)(QRgb rgb) = colorFuncs[channel];
>>>>> 	for (int y=0; y < image.height(); y++) {
>>>>> 		for (int x=0; x < image.width(); x++) {
>>>>> 			out.setPixel(x,y, colorFunc(image.pixel(x,y)));
>>>>> 		}
>>>>> 	}
>>>>> 	return out;
>>>>> }
>>>>> I'm not familar with Qt and Grayscale8... Anyone know what is going wrong?
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