[Interest] QVariant toString locale

Etienne Sandré-Chardonnal etienne.sandre at m4x.org
Wed Oct 17 16:10:04 CEST 2018

Dear all,

I have a big table made of QVariants of many subtypes (dates, floats,
integers, etc...)
I need to output it in csv format with a user defined locale.

It seems, after searching the documentation for all possible ways:
 1) QTextStream can be set a locale, but it does not accepts QVariant
 2) QVariant has a toString method, but no custom locale can be used. The
documentation says nothing about the locale it uses, probably
QLocale::system() or QApplication::locale but maybe not.

So, I have to either:
 1) Handle all possible QVariant subtypes in a big switch block, I'd like
to avoid...
 2) Figure out if QVariant uses QApplication::locale(); change this locale,
do all the conversion, and restore QApplication::locale(), but this could
cause GUI flickers (as the GUI uses the app locale for display) and I would
rely on an undocumented assumption...

So as you see, it seems there is a hole in Qt's otherwise excellent
handling of locales. Am I wrong? Is there a good solution?

Best regards,

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