[Interest] Native windows with QtCore backend

黄其泽 hgoldfish at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 12:26:30 CET 2018

The signal/slot mechanism does not always requires Qt eventloop. So, you
can use QtCore directly without any other works.

But QtNetwork requires eventloop to dispatch network IO events. You'd
better use other network toolkit then.

In fact, the signal/slot connection with Qt::QueuedConnection type do need
a eventloop, but it is used between threads mostly. You can choose
other mechanism
provided by native OS.

I am using QtCore alonely in server programs for several years. It is
proved to very reliable.

Jeffrey Brendecke <jeffrey.brendecke at gmail.com> 于2018年10月28日周日 下午11:59写道:

> Is it possible to have a 100% native UI (Cocoa or UIKit) with backend
> QtCore components (nonGUI) on a functioning event loop for signals and
> slots on macOS and iOS?
> For example, I would like use the Qt network components to interact with a
> network while using only native windows and native views for the
> presentation.
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