[Interest] Save and restore a Qt5 QWindow

Bernhard Lindner private at bernhard-lindner.de
Thu Apr 4 23:00:11 CEST 2019


With Qt5 the QWindow class was introduced. I would like to store and restore the complete
state and geometry of such objects.

I have working Qt4 code that saves and restores the geometry of QWidget based windows
(using move(), resize(), windowState(), screenAt(), frameGeometry(), normalGeometry()

I planned to port that code to QWindow. QWindow provides almost everything needed. Alas
there is no normalGeometry().

Is there a way to get the Qt::WindowNoState geometry of a QWindow other than tracking
state changes and corresponding geometries for each object (which is an effort I would
really like to avoid)?

Best Regards
Bernhard Lindner

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