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> > I would just tell the user that it behaves like notepad and 99% of
> > other Windows applications.
> That's just it, I'm not sure that it does work like other Windows applications
> that don't use Qt. I just tried both Chrome and Windows Media Player and
> they do NOT exhibit that behavior. For Chrome, if I go to a website that has
> animations then do the click-and-hold sequence, the animations continue to
> play. Similarly, Windows Media Player will continue to play the movie while
> going through those steps.
> I'm not sure how you would test whether it works with Notepad? I just tried
> it there, and all I can see is that the cursor stops blinking while going through
> the click-and-hold sequence. Microsoft Outlook behaves similarly. But I guess
> I can't tell if the cursor stops blinking because that application's event loop is
> blocked, or if it's because the widget with the cursor is losing focus as I'm
> clicking on one of the window control buttons.

When it loses focus it stops rendering a cursor altogether (you can test this out with another application arranged side-by-side with notepad).

> So it seems to be a mixed bag, although it's tough to be sure what I'm testing
> since it's not like I have access to those applications' source code.
> Sean
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