[Interest] Feature Request - QtCreator - Multiple right margins

roland at logikalsolutions.com roland at logikalsolutions.com
Fri Feb 8 15:19:23 CET 2019


Slightly off topic but still relevant, if Qt cares even slightly about  
still being used in the embedded world. If all they care about are  
idiot phones and that declining market, I guess this doesn't matter.


Given much of the embedded world tries to adhere (mostly) to the Barr  
standard but falls victim to the wordiness of our C++ world (even  
COBOL looks askance at Q_PROPERTY macros) we tend to work in worlds  
which require multiple right margins, only one of which has a hard  
wrap. While it would be awesome if QtCreator could let it be  
completely arbitrary as Sublime does:

"rulers": [80, 100, 120],
"word_wrap": true,
"wrap_width": 120

It would be nice to be able set 2 with the farthest one being the wrap  
point if wrapping is enabled. Most shops strive for 80 but put in  
their "overrides" for the standard a hard limit of 130. As it stands  
now we can see what we strive for or the hard wall, but not both.


Roland Hughes, President
Logikal Solutions
(630) 205-1593


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