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somebody who calls a whole platform "idiot" lacks any respect for those
who work in that field. Doing so repetetively whenever mentioning
"phones", is not a slip of the keyboard but is done intentional - which
puts the author in the very vincinity of his own vocabulary.

I don't want to read this kind of indignity ever and anon. I've rarely
seen such constantly condescending and trolling behavior being
tolerated  as long as with this individual.

Loaden with self-advertizing links, his rants and unproven premises
often need no more factual base than his opinion and in their
narcissistic self-repetition they have long become spam. It is fine to
have an opinion. It's ok to state it clearly. But to hawk it with
almost every email and in every non-related context is getting a tad

I don't want programmers (like me) to be insulted as "script kiddies"
and "12 year old boy"s with "shabby skill levels" that write "idiot
apps" for "idiot phones" that have "the lifespan of a fruit fly". It's
ok to be carried away a bit, but these deliberate defamations are a pattern.

I don't want to read all that self-righteous boasting about his
experience from the age of vacuum tubes and Zuse I. I just don't care.
It's just OT, as Giuseppe D'Angelo pointed out a while ago.

I don't want to read stuff like "QML (puke)" from somebody who has long
passed puberty.

I do appreciate the open discussion style on this list. I even do
appreciate a somewhat harsh style, if it has a factual base and is
getting straight to the point instead of b*s*ing around. But those
lengthy wallpapers our President of Logikal solutions commonly utters,
have long since crossed the border from amusing to annoying.

As for me, I have just plonked Roland Hughes again (no, not the first
time). But that doesn't help if I have to read through all the
avalanches of replies who just feed the troll (like mine now, probably).

I'd be happy to see him banned, at least temporarily. But then again, I
am just a 12-y-o script kiddie (not true) with a shabby skill level
(true), so you won't really need advice from me.

Sorry for the rant. Won't happen again on this topic.


Am 08.02.2019 um 15:19 schrieb roland at logikalsolutions.com:
> All,
> Slightly off topic but still relevant, if Qt cares even slightly about
> still being used in the embedded world. If all they care about are
> idiot phones and that declining market, I guess this doesn't matter.
> https://barrgroup.com/Embedded-Systems/Books/Embedded-C-Coding-Standard
> Given much of the embedded world tries to adhere (mostly) to the Barr
> standard but falls victim to the wordiness of our C++ world (even
> COBOL looks askance at Q_PROPERTY macros) we tend to work in worlds
> which require multiple right margins, only one of which has a hard
> wrap. While it would be awesome if QtCreator could let it be
> completely arbitrary as Sublime does:
> "rulers": [80, 100, 120],
> "word_wrap": true,
> "wrap_width": 120
> It would be nice to be able set 2 with the farthest one being the wrap
> point if wrapping is enabled. Most shops strive for 80 but put in
> their "overrides" for the standard a hard limit of 130. As it stands
> now we can see what we strive for or the hard wall, but not both.
> Thanks
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