[Interest] Netiquette [was: Feature Request - QtCreator - Multiple right margins]

René Hansen renehh at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 16:16:33 CET 2019

I'm with Jason here.

I use Qt for mobile development as well, and I don't think a ban is the
right course of action. Choice of words is a pre-eminent selector in
deciding which posts to take seriously. Using terms in the the manner
Roland does about phone development, in all likelihood, self-disqualifies
any serious consideration his posts might have received otherwise. Although
a shame, that is repercussion enough in my opinion.


On Mon, 11 Feb 2019 at 15:07 Jason H <jhihn at gmx.com> wrote:

> The truth is I often enjoy the hyperbole. In my book it's better to have a
> thick skin rather than to go around being offended by everyone and asking
> for them to comply with a fragile nature. However this most recent post put
> down the Qt mobile community of which I am a significant member having been
> using Qt in mobile for about the past 5 years. I have argued repeatedly for
> more attention in the Mobile platforms (except WinRT) and the message was
> directly contrary to that aim. I pointed out (off list) ironically what
> should happen is port the application to mobile and just let Samsung make
> and revise the hardware faster than he ever could. Didn't draw any ire but
> it didn't go anywhere either. I'm starting to wonder if the hyperbole isn't
> for comedic effect.
> My plan of action is that I'm just going to ignore this person's snarky
> posts which comes with the price that I might have the answer to their
> issue and I won't contribute it.
> I on occasion post something snarky because I am frustrated with the
> problem I'm having. I wouldn't want to be banned over it. There is a social
> capital here, add I try to have a positive balance. And I think it's
> reasonable that when you fall below zero, you stop getting replies. I would
> not bring in the CoC just yet.
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> > > [...]
> > > I do appreciate the open discussion style on this list. I even do
> > > appreciate a somewhat harsh style, if it has a factual base and is
> > > getting straight to the point instead of b*s*ing around. But those
> > > lengthy wallpapers our President of Logikal solutions commonly utters,
> > > have long since crossed the border from amusing to annoying.
> > >
> >
> > I, myself, still perceive them more as amusingly misguided, than really
> > angering (annoying at times, yes). This is just me, though, I have
> > experience with that kind of thing. However, I can very well imagine how
> > you, and most certainly others, are finding them taxing; not surprising
> at
> > all.
> > Plus, as I rule, I tend to discard anything that references fortran or
> > cobol as examples of anything ... ;)
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