[Interest] What are you using for continuous integration?

Jérôme Godbout godboutj at amotus.ca
Wed Feb 13 01:45:35 CET 2019

Jenkins work well for me (you can ditch the custom Groovy and just call some python or whatever script you like)


I recommend the pipeline and put a jenkinsfile into your repos to setup the build. So your requirements and builds step are versioned along the source, so it can changes in the time and you still can goes back to the old version without having multiple build systems.


It's cross platform, a little more painful under Windows just like any services I guess, but it does work well overall. Best of all it's free!

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I’m curious about what you Qt heads are using for continuous integration. 

I have googled a few times this for this topic and I have found a couple of options but every time I tried to spend the minimum amount of time to setup one, it seems an incredible effort. I’m looking for a solution that allows me to:

- push to a specific branch on GitHub
- get a local CI agent to fetch that branch and build it

Ideally I would like it to be :

- fast to setup
- Windows & Mac compatible
- ideally with docker integration

Drone works damn well for web projects. I wanted something that cool for automatic desktop software building and packaging

What are you people using?



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