[Interest] vs. Flutter

Christoph Feck cfeck at kde.org
Tue Feb 19 21:13:05 CET 2019

On 02/19/19 20:47, Jason H wrote:
> What I've learned is that it's better to stand on the shoulders of giants than to rewrite the universe from scratch. I dream of a say where we can code things and everyone else regardless of platform can run it. I thought this was going to be .Net CLR, or Java VM, but corporate ownership initiatives derailed them (Much like the "You will" ATT ads of the 90s - we got it, but not from ATT). But C/C++ runs all more platforms/processors. Linux has come a long way in terms of bringing all CPUs a usable software ecosystem. And this though rather obtuse is one reason to pick Qt - that it'll support any system that can run a C++ compiler. You don't technically need to use QML, you can keep going with C++.

Once upon a time a mother of two curious boys called me, asking me to 
teach them programming. They have no clue what language to start with, 
so I suggested C as a base, to later learn Python, C++, Java (or C#).
Then some "smart" student told one of the kids "JavaScript is da future
of da Internetz". I stopped teaching them after it was suggested to
stop the C course and swap it for a JavaScript course.

C/C++ will be relevant in the future. All other languages will come and
go (no pun intended).

Whether Qt will be relevant in the future lies in the hands of its
developers. Don't ruin it.

Christoph Feck

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