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I did try a bit V-Play, but I did not like the fact I was stuck at a particular Qt version (it was 5.6 when 5.10 was out, last time I checked). Does the new Felgo allow to be used on other versoin and with up to date Qt Creator? that was a real bummer to be stuck with old version. The project seem to be fine aside from that problems. The price is a hard pill to swallow, with Qt 3D I guess the V-Play was less future proof I guess.

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On 2019-02-19 3:22 p.m., Jason H wrote:
Was just reading the blog and it mentions live reloading: https://blog.qt.io/blog/2019/02/18/scaling-large-ui-development-projects-managing-complexities-reference-ui-neptune-3/

This Neptune3 thing, is that something we can use on the phones?

I've been following the discussion and it looks like a lot of features of flutter, such as the live reloading, push notification, etc, already exists in felgo (use to be vplay).  I used vplay for awhile, but it got too expensive so I just redid what I was using from their work myself.   Only took a couple of weeks.  My main point is that Qt can do all of this stuff because the felgo people already did.  It just has to be done by Qt and put into the core.


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