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if you guys already did some code for mobiles, why dont just contribute 

On 2/20/19 3:32 AM, Jason H wrote:
> There's not anything I haven't done on mobile in Qt. The problem is 
> everytime I start an app, I copy the 75% from the previous project and 
> it's janky slap-dash of code. I've got to to this 3x for every app, 
> every time. It's iOS, Android, and OSX. What I have works, it's not 
> Troll quality. It is unforunately commercial code. I don't have 
> hot-reload, but notificatons - push and local were working with 
> Firebase on Android and iOS.
> Yeah, it's a couple weeks to develop all of that, but we're dozens of 
> programmers re-inventing the wheel time and time again. This is not 
> "code less create more". A few weeks of a couple developers and this 
> would be a completely different situation instead person-years 
> are being wasted.
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> I did try a bit V-Play, but I did not like the fact I was stuck at a 
> particular Qt version (it was 5.6 when 5.10 was out, last time I 
> checked). Does the new Felgo allow to be used on other versoin and 
> with up to date Qt Creator? that was a real bummer to be stuck with 
> old version. The project seem to be fine aside from that problems. The 
> price is a hard pill to swallow, with Qt 3D I guess the V-Play was 
> less future proof I guess.
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> On 2019-02-19 3:22 p.m., Jason H wrote:
>     Was just reading the blog and it mentions live reloading:
>     https://blog.qt.io/blog/2019/02/18/scaling-large-ui-development-projects-managing-complexities-reference-ui-neptune-3/
>     This Neptune3 thing, is that something we can use on the phones?
> I've been following the discussion and it looks like a lot of features 
> of flutter, such as the live reloading, push notification, etc, 
> already exists in felgo (use to be vplay).  I used vplay for awhile, 
> but it got too expensive so I just redid what I was using from their 
> work myself.   Only took a couple of weeks. My main point is that Qt 
> can do all of this stuff because the felgo people already did.  It 
> just has to be done by Qt and put into the core.
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