[Interest] QtLocation MapPolyLine and MapPolyGon style

Paolo Angelelli paolo.angelelli at qt.io
Tue Feb 26 15:21:29 CET 2019

If you need dashed or dotted or styled lines, at the moment that's the only workaround we can offer.
The built-in lines are using QTriangulatingStroker under the hood, that seems to be missing that part
of the QPen features (brush, style).

as for map polygon, the only workaround i can think of, if mapboxgl does not offer it/is not an option, is
to use a MapQuickItem instead, create the polygon with Shapes, and then do the math and georeference it "manually".

As for your last question, i don't think i can answer since too many details are missing

hope this helps a bit, anyway

On Mon, 25 Feb 2019 20:01:17 +0100
maitai <maitai at virtual-winds.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> I may be wrong since it seems incredible, but it seems there is no way 
> to draw a MapPolyLine dashed or dotlined, and similarly I didn't find a 
> way to fill a MapPolygon with a pattern.
> If that is the case, what in your opinion would be the best way to 
> implement this?
> I found QTBUG-46651 which recommends to use an empty mapboxgl layer 
> instead of my current itemsoverlay map, would that cover the needs since 
> I have plenty of other mapItems and need to manage z values for each of 
> them?
> Thanks
> Philippe Lelong.
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