[Interest] android deployment is painfully slow (Windows 10, Qt Creator 4.8.2)

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Fri Mar 29 13:27:29 CET 2019

Minutes? No.

Do you have a virus scanner installed? Can your disable and try that? Maybe androiddeployqt is hitting the disk a lot?

Try it on an empty project. Give numbers based on that.

 I deploy frequently and at tolerable speed. Definitely not fast, and the number of times I see "deploy to device: no" makes me think it's not optimal.

Also I think i remember seeing that android can now patch apks to cut down on deploy time? I don't think qt has implemented this?

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> Subject: [Interest] android deployment is painfully slow (Windows 10, Qt Creator 4.8.2)
> Maybe there is something wrong with my environment, not sure, but it
> takes several minutes to even start debugging! In android studio it
> happens much much faster...
> Is there any tricks to speedup this process (besides dropping Windows
> as development platform, because it is not that bad on linux)? If I'm
> not mistaken in the past there were options allowing to upload qt
> libraries once but I don't see anything like this anymore besides 'Use
> Ministro service to install Qt' (which I checked - but it broke the
> build).
> Is there any way to avoid re-packaging apk on debugging ? Currently
> QtCreator seems to be doing something unnecessary every time I press
> 'debug' even if no changes happened between two debug sessions.
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