[Interest] Solidworks and QML

Colin Worth jlk2144 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 16:45:32 CET 2019

Looking for help from someone who’s worked with 3D meshes in Qt qml. I am trying to move a 3D object created in solid works into a Qt qml app. The object has six motion-inputs, ie numbers, for six transforms that animate the object’s sub-parts. Right now I'm importing a Solidworks VRML file into into Blender, and using a Blender Qml plugin to generate qml files for each sub-part. This works, but it takes a lot of work to define the animations. You have to identify all the relevant coordinates and directions for each sub-part by clicking around in Blender, then use algebra to figure out each transformation matrix.

Wondering if there is a better way to approach it.

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