[Interest] Rfcomm QBluetoothSocket Speed

jlk jlk2144 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 19:07:23 CET 2019

Wondering how to change the speed of an rfcomm QBluetoothSocket. When I 
connect to a QBluetoothSocket on another computer and transmit data, I 
get a receive rate on the other computer of about 1 kilobyte/s (9600 Baud?).

I investigated a little. After the connection is made, there is a new 
socket on the client computer labeled QDBusConection with protocol 
RFCOMM, and another one with protocol: HCI. Both have (0,9) in the 
DEVICE field of the lsof command.

I know it's possible to transmit data at higher speeds over rfcomm, 
because I can demonstrate it using the Bluez program rfcomm. It looks 
like rfcomm also creates an RFCOMM socket and in addition a new device 
(dev/rfcomm1). You can increase the connection speed by setting the baud 
rate on the device.

I guess next step would be to check the source code for rfcomm command 
vs qbluetooth library, but I was hoping someone would have a quicker 

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