[Interest] Rfcomm QBluetoothSocket Speed

jlk jlk2144 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 20:29:28 CET 2019

Solved. The problem was that I was running synchronously with breaks to 
run the Qt's event loop, and I wasn't allowing enough cycles for the 
buffering/sending. Can actually transmit at ~200 kb / s.

I had just been working with setting the speed of a UART bluetooth chip, 
and testing with the rfcomm program, so I was thinking in terms of baud 
rates. With rfcomm's virtual tty, you can end up with different data 
speeds depending on the baud rate setting on the virtual terminal.

On 11/20/19 1:07 PM, jlk wrote:
> Wondering how to change the speed of an rfcomm QBluetoothSocket. When 
> I connect to a QBluetoothSocket on another computer and transmit data, 
> I get a receive rate on the other computer of about 1 kilobyte/s (9600 
> Baud?).
> I investigated a little. After the connection is made, there is a new 
> socket on the client computer labeled QDBusConection with protocol 
> RFCOMM, and another one with protocol: HCI. Both have (0,9) in the 
> DEVICE field of the lsof command.
> I know it's possible to transmit data at higher speeds over rfcomm, 
> because I can demonstrate it using the Bluez program rfcomm. It looks 
> like rfcomm also creates an RFCOMM socket and in addition a new device 
> (dev/rfcomm1). You can increase the connection speed by setting the 
> baud rate on the device.
> I guess next step would be to check the source code for rfcomm command 
> vs qbluetooth library, but I was hoping someone would have a quicker 
> solution.

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