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Hi Jason,

which command line arguments did you use in windeployqt, which directory
structure does your application have and did you add Qt paths to the
environment of the command line before running windeployqt? I know that the
documentation for windeployqt was quite obscure last time I checked,
especially regarding the deployment of QML applications.

You should especially pay attention to specifying the path to your
application's QML files so that windeployqt can resolve the dependencies.
In the resulting deployment you should get the compiler/C/C++ runtime (like
libgcc.., libstdc++... in case of MinGW; msvcrt...something in case of
VC++), Qt dlls (like QtCore, QtGui, QtQuick, ... and whatever your
application is using), a subdirectory with platform plugins (this will
probably be qwindows.dll) and (important) a lot of subdirectories with QML
modules even with those that your application does not use explicitly.

If you double click the application or start it from the console and
nothing happens, you should look into the task manager: if the process of
your app is running but you see nothing then the QML part of the
application probably has a fault. Mostly this is because of import paths or
windeployqt being unable to resolve the QML dependencies correctly. You can
also debug it by building your application with CONFIG += console, in this
case, you will get a terminal window with QML errors if this is the case.


On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 7:56 PM Jason H <jhihn at gmx.com> wrote:

> I tried to use windeployqt to create a QML application directory structure
> to run on a system without Qt.
> I placed the resulting directory tree on the system and got nothing. Like
> I double clicked the .exe and nothing happened. So I went to the command
> line (cmd.exe) It just gave me the prompt back. No window was created.
> I loaded it up in depends.exe on the system that built it and I only noted
> two things:
> 1. QtCore5.dll had an invalid signature
> 2. The app was linking against i386 and x64 libraries.
> I don't know if those were the problems though.
> How do I debug this?
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