[Interest] Licensing questions for iOS and Android

Tuukka Turunen tuukka.turunen at qt.io
Tue Oct 8 16:15:30 CEST 2019

Hi Vyacheslav,

Where are you located? It is probably easiest that our regional sales team or local reseller is in contact to discuss.

Commercial Qt licensing is developer based, so each person working on the same project (e.g. same end user application) needs to have a commercial license. One person can use many machines to develop across multiple operating systems. The persons who are not developing with Qt, do not need a license (e.g. in case you have some part of the application not done with Qt). 

We have a FAQ to explain how Qt licensing works:  https://www.qt.io/faq/ 



´╗┐On 08/10/2019, 10.19, "Interest on behalf of Vyacheslav Lanovets" <interest-bounces at qt-project.org on behalf of sol at lanovets.ru> wrote:

    I hope to hear expert opinions on the following.
    Let's say the company has 10 developers who develop a Mobile app for
    consumer phones.
    2 persons use *Mac* to make the app work on iOS (static linking!).
    Another 2 persons work from PCs on supporting Android specifics
    (shared linking).
    All 10 have primary PC with Microsoft Visual Studio for regular
    development because it is faster.
    Also there is 2 build machines:
    1 PC for generating Android builds.
    1 Mac for generating iOS builds.
    So, how many licenses should the company pay for?
    13 licenses (~40000 euro a year)? Or 12? Or 10? Or just for 3 Macs? Or
    maybe only for 2 developer Macs?
    Has anyone investigated the case with the legals?
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