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Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
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Il 19/10/19 14:35, Roland Hughes ha scritto:
> Actually it is of immense interest and value to the hundreds, perhaps
> thousands of Qt developers currently working on autonomous vehicles and
> attempting to integrate that with current infotainment systems. What's
> of little to no value are discussions of QML, JavaScript and iDiot Phone
> apps.

How about you just ignore such discussions, and maybe also stop 
insulting people working in those markets?

> What we really need here are two interest lists.
> qt-interest-qml-javascript-and-idiot-phones
> qt-interest-things-which-actually-matter

What we need is fewer completely delusional and off-topic threads.

> On the latter is where Qt can be discussed along with the architecture
> required for embedded systems which are either making human lives better
> or will have human lives entrusted to them.
> Surgical robots and other medical devices

Which are being built with QML:

> https://www.qt.io/medec-built-with-qt

> Train/rail control systems

Which are being built with QML:

> https://www.qt.io/ulstein-built-with-qt

> autonomous vehicles and infotainment systems

Which are being built with QML:

> https://resources.qt.io/customer-stories-automotive/qt-testimonial-mbition-michael-chayka

> scientific test equipment, water purification control systems and all
> other manner of embedded control systems.

Which are being built with QML:

> https://www.qt.io/bosch-built-with-qt

> The only time QML and/or JavaScript ever appears in that universe is
> when management is incompetent beyond description.

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