[Interest] Manually Setting NSAccessibility Value on Mac for QAccessibleWidget?

Chi Kim chigookkim at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 29 14:58:48 CET 2019


I'm a VoiceOver user, and QAccessible seems to have limited 
implementations for NSAccessibility Protocol on MacOS.
For example, if I set QAccessible:Help and examine it with accessibility 
inspector, none of the NSAccessibility properties has that value. Also 
VoiceOver doesn't read it if I press vo+shift+h which reads 
Is there a way to manually set values for NSAccessibility properties 
such as accessibilityRoleDescription, accessibilityHelp, and so on?
Being able to set NSAccessibility properties will allow developers to 
improve accessibility on Mac immensely!

Lastly, is there any group/forum/mailing list  for QT accessibility?

Thanks for your help,


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