[Interest] Android Tooling (Qt 5.12.1 --> Qt 5.13.1)

ekke ekke at ekkes-corner.org
Wed Sep 11 11:18:18 CEST 2019

just upgrading from Qt 5.12.1 to 5.13.1
on macOS 10.13.6 (will switch to 10.14 soon)

what are the recommended tools ?

on Qt 5.12.1 this worked perfect for me:

SDK Platform 28
SDK Tools 25.2.5
NDK r18b
Manifest Min SDK 18, Target SDK 28
openSSL 1.0.0.x

on Qt 5.13.1 is this OK ?

SDK Platform 29
SDK Platform Tools 28.0.1
NDK r19c or r20 ???
Manifest Min SDK 21, Target 29
openSSL 1.1.1.x

should I create new Templates in QtC and overwrite the existing
templates from 5.12.1 ?

BTW: I don't have Android Studio installed, NDK downloaded from Google,
SDK using native SDK Manager inside QtC

With Qt 5.13.1 I also want to deploy APKs for 32bit and 64bit to
fullfill Googles PlayStore requirements. Before I only deployed 32 Bit APKs

want to blog about and to be sure that it's all correct

thanks for any tips and input


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