[Interest] Crash when creating QNetworkAccessManager in qt 5.14.x

maitai maitai at virtual-winds.org
Sat Feb 1 20:11:04 CET 2020

Hi all

I am trying to upgrade from qt5.13.2/MSVC2017 to Qt5.14.1/MSVC2017

In 5.14.1 (and 0) app is crashing on "QNetWorkAccessManager *inetManager 
= new QNetWorkAccessManager()", while all is OK in previous Qt versions

I cannot debug this on Windows. I have removed all old dlls etc 
(including SSL ones) in the directory where app is running. Obviously 
something is wrong on my side since I cannot believe 
QNetworkAccessManager is broken in Qt5.14.x/Windows..

Any idea?

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