[Interest] The Mobile Agenda?

Henry Skoglund henry at tungware.se
Mon Jan 6 09:18:53 CET 2020

On 2020-01-06 08:49, Maurice Kalinowski wrote:
> There are still quite many apps out there relying on OpenGL and hence 
> even though deprecated, any additional step would be too risky IMO.
> Having said that, you might have missed Laszlo's blog post about QtRhi, which will remove this (potential) problem by directly talking via different backends. Here's a link to his second blog post, I also recommend the first one as an entry read:
> https://www.qt.io/blog/qt-quick-on-vulkan-metal-and-direct3d-part-2
> Maurice
Agreed that Apple will most likely not pull the plug on OpenGL anytime 
soon (perhaps iOS16?), and thank you for that link. Now I am less 
worried, looking forward to Qt using Metal on iOS!

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