[Interest] Tooltips and Anchors with QSyntaxHighlighter

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Wed Jan 22 13:47:52 CET 2020

Quoting Jonathan Purol:

> I should note this is my first time posting to a mailing list, so
> apologies if I'm messing up something.


> We're currently trying to write an editable text editor which has two
> modes, edit and view. In edit mode you can make changes using a specific
> syntax, and in view mode that is rendered with your usual text-editor
> things.
> The following features ought to be supported:

I don't have a specific answer for you but I want to point you to  
existing projects before you burn a lot of time re-inventing the wheel  
yet again.

KATE - The K Advanced Text Editor

At one time it was written with Qt, probably still is since there is  
now a Windows version.

KDevelop is somewhat based on KATE lately.

While I, as a professional author and writer, find it completely  
useless, Calligra Words is written with Qt.

What you really need to do is find the KWord (now abandoned for that  
ghastly Calligra thing). It was OpenSource and a highly usable word  
processor supposedly written with Qt having most of the features you  
want. Might start with this.

A very scaled down Qt based word processor, KWrite

Other than having Qt in the name I don't think this has any place in  
the discussion. I just wanted to be reminded of it tomorrow when I  
have time to look at it (I get this list in digest form)

Wow! I had forgotten about Oasis

You also might want to tip Mr. Gott and use FocusWriter. I use  
FocusWriter for stand alone things not requiring formatting. (It has  
some formatting, but is really there to get the words down in  
distraction free mode. Very handy when kick starting what will become  
a new book.) Mr. Gott actively develops the package.

My point is, unless you or your project is suffering from a horrible  
case of NIH (Not Invented Here) there are plenty of OpenSource Qt  
based text editors and word processors out there. Most/many of them  
are abandoned projects ripe for forking. some aren't abandoned but  
should be. Juffed comes to mind here.
Don't install it on a Ubuntu based distro. Always seems to need to  
install some incompatible Qt stuff which breaks other things on your  

Take a look at TEA. A very actively developed Qt based thing  
originally started by a journalist in Russia who couldn't find a word  
processor that worked like his mind or so the fable goes. It even  
supports the obsolete platforms of Windows and OS/2!

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