[Interest] Tooltips and Anchors with QSyntaxHighlighter

Kai Köhne Kai.Koehne at qt.io
Fri Jan 24 14:57:15 CET 2020

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> > We're currently trying to write an editable text editor which has two modes,
> edit and view. In edit mode you can make changes using a specific syntax, and
> in view mode that is rendered with your usual text-editor things.
> > The following features ought to be supported:
> >
> > * Bold, Italic, Underlined, and strikethrough text
> > * Different font sizes
> > * Lists
> > * Table Of Contents (i.e. hyperlinks that jump to some place in the text)
> > * Coloured Text
> > * Aligned Text (horizontal alignment suffices)
> > * And two special features:
> > --> Links written in markdown format [display text](link) should be clickable
> and emit a signal `linkClicked(QString const& text)` | Note: They will not be
> opened in the browser, but rather link to something else in the application
> Well if you wanted just a markdown editor, it would be easy with Qt 5.14
> since we just added that as a feature.  But your special syntax is different?

Depending on what 'usual text editor things' mean, an option might also be to utilize HTM5/Qt WebEngine 

See https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtwebengine-webenginewidgets-markdowneditor-example.html for a simple Markdown editor with preview in an HTML canvas.



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