[Interest] Integrating Qt in a Mono application on Android

Thomas Sevaldrud thomas at silentwings.no
Fri Jan 24 15:28:10 CET 2020

Hi, we have an OpenGL renderer written in C++/Qt which we want to integrate
in a Mono (C#) application on Android. We've integrated this with C#/WPF on
desktop earlier, and hope to be able to do something similar on Android.

In order to do this we need to run Qt in a shared library which we access
from the Mono application. We're not using the event loop in Qt, but we
need to instantiate a QGuiApplication in order to get OpenGL up and running.

We're currently just experimenting, but we have tried creating a C++ shared
library which links with Qt and uses some of the Qt classes from Qt5Core.
This works nicely.

However, as soon as we try to instantiate either a QCoreApplication or
QGuiApplication in our shared library, we get a segmentation fault in the

My question is first of all if anyone has done something similar to this,
or if you know any reason why this might or might not work.

Any input would be greatly appreciated

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