[Interest] qt.conf and overwriting a single variable path

Jérôme Godbout godboutj at amotus.ca
Mon Jan 27 21:47:38 CET 2020

is there a way to add a qt.conf into the qrc resources to only overwrite a single part (Translations and Qml2Imports) without affecting the whole discovering of plugins, lib, etc inside Qt Creator? why is non declared part inside a qt.conf modify the current value? Does it set the default value? if so, how does one make a qt.conf path modification that can actually work into QtCreator launch debug/release and actual package launching with the modified part that actually work?

I feel like every time I try to do something with this, it's hugely painful and doesn't really work in a good way.
Qml2Imports I can injected it into the main.cpp, but Translations, I dunno how I could do such a thing.

I want to put both inside resources, I do not want to break the plugins/lib/etc path and not get "plugins xcb not found" anymore and the like.
How do you guys do such a things that work into both case? Any easy way to do this? or I have to make 3 qt.conf 1x QtCreator debug 1x QtCreator release and 1x actual release that doesn't use the Qt installation folder but the gather folders.

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