[Interest] Qt Creator licensing for companies with Qt Commercial developers

Elvis Stansvik elvstone at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 20:46:03 CEST 2020

Den tis 31 mars 2020 kl 20:40 skrev Giuseppe D'Angelo via Interest
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> Il 31/03/20 20:34, Elvis Stansvik ha scritto:
> > Do you see the absurdity? For me as manager at F, to be sure we're not
> > breaking the contract with Frob, we would have to stipulate our
> > contract with G not only that they themselves stick with paid-support
> > Frob tools, but that they in turn must stipulate the same in their
> > contracts with any H type subcontractors.
> >
> > And you think this will encourage people to pick commercial Qt?
> Without such a clause, you could easily incorporate a wholly owned
> subsidiary, make it do all the development as "contractors" using Open
> Source Qt, get the finished product back, slap it under Commercial Qt
> and enjoy the benefits of the commercial terms without having paid for
> it during the development. That's what the clause is protecting against.

Sure, I understand what it's protecting against. With all the
confusion in the thread, I don't think anyone is confused about that.
I just think it's an absurd protection.


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