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Thu Apr 1 15:40:10 CEST 2021

Qt (thx to the team which developed QtQuickControls2) has helped me to 
help my customers to find a way from BlackBerry10 to Android / iOS and 
last years I developed some very ambitious multi-platform business apps 
in different domains. Qt enables me as an independent software developer 
to do my work.


Am 01.04.21 um 15:25 schrieb Nuno Santos:
> I don’t see Roland's emails anymore because I’ve blocked him. He is a 
> kind of hater and lover of Qt at the same time. He loves when someone 
> gives him a spark to set this email list on fire and then write long 
> emails full of bullshit that only someone that has nothing to do has 
> time to read.
> I use Qt for more than 10 years now. I’ve started my company alone in 
> 2014. Since then I’ve been building 7 products with Qt that I deploy 
> for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
> I’ve had issues, bugs, but most of them were not show stoppers. When a 
> show stopper bug appears I report it and it usually gets fixed. Some 
> faster, some slower, but every single one had a fix. The last one was 
> fixed in less than a month.
> My experience with Qt is very good. It has been keeping stability over 
> all this years and I’ve only mostly focused in building products.
> Has issues? Has! But Apple has issues, Microsoft has issues as every 
> single software company has issues, because software is constantly 
> evolving.
> If it wasn’t Qt, I would be here giving this testimonial. It really 
> helped me to do more with less.
> Big shout to the Qt Team, keep the awesome work!!!
> Best regards,
> Nuno Santos
> Founder / CEO / CTO
> www.imaginando.pt <http://www.imaginando.pt>
>> On 1 Apr 2021, at 12:05, Turtle Creek Software 
>> <support at turtlesoft.com <mailto:support at turtlesoft.com>> wrote:
>> In general, I agree with Roland about the need for stability.  The 
>> past 20 years we've spent most of our programming time just keeping 
>> up with Mac OS changes. Meanwhile the Windows competition has been 
>> adding features.
>> We want a platform that lets our C++ code be a cash cow, without all 
>> the current upkeep. Stability for even longer than 15 years would be 
>> nice. Our sales are about half Mac and half Windows, so 
>> cross-platform is the dream. We want someone else to make the port to 
>> M1, and whatever Apple charges into next. Then we can focus on 
>> solving problems for construction companies, rather than rewriting 
>> GUI code just to stay in the same place.
>> Qt promises that, but the Qt team responses on this thread make me 
>> nervous about it being delivered. When folks get defensive, that's 
>> often a bad sign.
>> I'm new to the Qt world, but the mix of an open-source project and a 
>> profit-making company sounds extremely complicated.  Targeting 
>> everything from medical devices to desktops sounds very complicated.
>> I hope this forum isn't muzzled. Critical comments on a list like 
>> this are not libel. They provide useful information amongst the 
>> noise. Netiquette is about courtesy between humans. Corporations and 
>> projects don't have feelings to hurt, so they probably need less 
>> protection.
>> Casey McDermott
>> TurtleSoft.com <http://TurtleSoft.com>
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