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Thu Apr 1 17:40:38 CEST 2021

>> Hi Casey, welcome to the ML.  I'd like to respond to some of your
comments.  I hope you don't mind me addressing them out-of-order.

Thanks, that is very helpful.  I guess after a few years one gets to know
the personalities!

My definition of stability would be a platform that lets existing code
update for new devices without much pain.  It took us a month to go from
Mac OS 9 to X, which was reasonable. PPC to Intel 2 months, but we already
had byte-swapping for the Windows version. Apple could have made it easier
but it was still reasonable.  However, we wasted 3 years going Carbon to
Cocoa and only getting 1/2 way. That was too much. Working in Objective-C
really made me appreciate C++.

Wanting to go back and run new code on old machines?  Yeah, that is just
for masochists.  However, I have learned a lot about the medical device biz
in the past month!

Are there lists other than Develop and Interest?  Splitting this one might
help.  One to discuss future changes civilly, one for support, one for
flames and arguments...

Casey McDermott
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