[Interest] Guide me through the Qt offerings for GUIs

Roland Hughes roland at logikalsolutions.com
Sun Apr 18 00:48:14 CEST 2021

On 4/17/21 5:00 AM, interest-request at qt-project.org wrote:
> On 15/04/2021 06.25, Rui Oliveira wrote:
>> I feel very hesitant to start a project on QWidgets. It feels like
>> starting a project on dead tech.
>> I know QWidgets are no longer "interesting". Even KDE moved on from
>> them...

Take a look at:



I haven't tried any of it, but you are probably going to want to do 
something like the QtViewer thing does. Claims to put a VukanSceneGraph 
inside a Qt widget. If you also have access to the Vulkan library you 
should have access to the methods allowing direct GPU access. With a bit 
of reading and a touch of luck you should be able to use Qt Widgets and 
stuff all your graphing logic into some of the multiple GPU cores most 
recent video cards provide.

None of my video cards are high end. I think the weakest one I have in a 
drawer has 16 CUDA. Most of my machines have 384 CUDA because they are 
GeForce GT 630 based.

I did find one statement interesting in the Features list:

Multithreading support at the viewer level, file loading and database 

If they really pulled that off it would theoretically mean every one of 
your frequency graphs could be its own thread in its own GPU doing its 
own thing.

Your application would have the wholesome built-in look of Widgets and 
your graphics would be doing their own thing in their own space.

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