[Interest] clean project dependencies

Stanislas RENAN qt-project at renan.org
Wed Apr 21 10:08:12 CEST 2021


I've got a project that has dependencies.

These dependencies have their own .pri file. Most of these dependencies 
are just libraries that are built using another IDE-generated makefile.

I want these dependencies to be cleaned when I clean or rebuild my 
project using QtCreator. I have no problem performing a full rebuild 
from the command line as I sequence the clean instructions in the 
correct order. The problem is to trigger a full rebuild from the GUI 
using a single click.

Note that when I build the project, the dependencies are correctly 
built. The problem is to clean them when I want to.

Basically, I want to detect « I asked to clean » and trigger a « make 
clean » in the dependencies.

I failed to find a solution and I spent a couple of hours playing with 
qmake « hidden » features with no luck so far. I'm sure there is a 
simple, qmake idiomatic, way of doing this, no ?

Best regards,

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