[Interest] Trouble compiling qt3d for qt6 on windows 10

Daniel Patel danielpatel.no at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 14:31:25 CET 2021

Using a space didn't work either. I will try to use cmake though.
The reason I wanted to use avx2 was to try to get rid of the compilation
error: Project ERROR: Could not find feature qt3d-simd-avx2

tir. 16. feb. 2021 kl. 14:22 skrev Paul Lemire <paul.lemire at kdab.com>:

> On 2/16/21 1:33 PM, Daniel Patel wrote:
> Thanks a lot for the reply Paul, it was useful as always.
> Copying the files made the qt3d examples work!
> I realized that the compile error showed up because qt6 itself was only
> compiled in debug mode.
> With the appropriate flag to the configure script, qt6 now compiles both
> in debug and in release.
> However, now when compiling qt3d I ran into the error : "Could not find
> feature qt3d-simd-avx2" (I already configured and compiled qt6 with -avx2
> flag)
> I am just not able to tell/configure qt3d to use avx2 instead of sse2.
> Currently "qmake .." returns:
>   Use SSE2 instructions .................. yes
>   Use AVX2 instructions .................. no
> After running configure for the qt6 build I got this text as output:
> "To configure and build other Qt modules, you can use the following
> convenience script:
>         C:/Qt/Qt-6.1/bin/qt-configure-module.bat"
> So i did a "c:\Qt\Qt-6.1\bin\qt-configure-module.bat
> qt3d-everywhere-src-6.0.0 --qt3d-simd=avx2"   but that failed with
> "Unknown command line option '--qt3d-simd=avx2'"  (I also tried
> -avx2-qt3d-simd and -qt3d-simd-avx2)
> Anyone knows how to set configure flags for qt3d before compiling it?
> What about -qt3d-simd avx2 (just a space)? That's what I use when
> compiling on linux with qmake. For Qt 6, I've switched to cmake though,
> option to use is -DFEATURE_qt3d_simd_avx2=ON on the cmake command line.
> That being said, the avx2 option for Qt 3D essentially only yields better
> performance when we multiply matrices internally. The sse2 option is not
> much slower, a lot faster than relying on QMatrix4x4 (though this might
> have changed in Qt6, haven't checked).
> On a side note I also was not able to get qt6 configure script to detect
> zlib libraries even though I set appropriate environment variables and sent
> in paths using both -D option as well as -I and -L option.
> man. 15. feb. 2021 kl. 11:47 skrev Paul Lemire <paul.lemire at kdab.com>:
>> I can't really help about the compile issues. But I should be able to
>> help regarding the plugin error.
>> You likely need to copy a few more things from the qt3d build dir to your
>> Qt install dir:
>> qt3d_build_dir/qml/Qt3D into Qt_Install_Dir/qml/
>> qt3d_build_dir/qml/QtQuick/* into Qt_Install_Dir/qml/QtQuick/
>> qt3d_build_dir/plugins/* into Qt_Install_Dir/plugins/
>> (the plugins dir contains a renderers folder which contains the Qt3D
>> render plugins)
>> I hope that helps,
>> Paul
>> On 2/15/21 11:03 AM, Daniel Patel wrote:
>> I have compiled qt6.1 from source which works and now I am trying to
>> compile qt3d also from source by downloading from
>> https://download.qt.io/official_releases/additional_libraries/qt3d/6.0/6.0.0/
>> and following the qmake instructions from:
>> https://www.kdab.com/getting-your-3d-ready-for-qt-6/
>> I first tried to download and compile qt3d-everywhere-src-6.0.1 but got
>> an error about missing zlib.h. Instead of trying to fix this I quickly
>> instead tried with qt3d-everywhere-src-6.0.0 and this compiled fine.
>> However it only compiled debug dlls and not release dlls. I tried to do
>> nmake all and nmake release but the latter gave the error "NMAKE : fatal
>> error U1073: don't know how to make
>> 'C:\qtsrc\qt61\qt5\qtbase\lib\Qt6Gui.lib'"
>> I then decided to try out the debug build. First I noticed that the qt3d
>> dlls didnt seem to have been copied over to the correct folder when I did
>> nmake install. So I copied them over manually and then started
>> basicshapes-cpp.exe, but this showed the runtime error: Unable to find
>> renderer plugin for opengl.
>> Any hints for what to do?
>> Best
>> Daniel
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