[Interest] QClipboard : wasm/browser restriction ?

Nicholas Yue yue.nicholas at gmail.com
Mon May 3 01:02:18 CEST 2021


I wish to pass some text back to the user via something like this

void CMEForm::doCopy() {
std::cout << "doCopy() called" << std::endl;
    QClipboard* qclip = QApplication::clipboard();

    qclip->setText("Hello, this is a long text generated from clipboard");

This works for compiled applications as an *.exe but I notice that it does
not work when I build it as a WASM package.

I believe this is likely due to security/sandbox reasons.

Any recommendation of possible solution for the wasm use case ?


Nicholas Yue
Graphics - Arnold, Alembic, RenderMan, OpenGL, HDF5
Custom Dev - C++ porting, OSX, Linux, Windows
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