[Interest] How to use QOpenGLWidget from Qt Creator

Nicholas Yue yue.nicholas at gmail.com
Mon May 3 07:12:24 CEST 2021


I used designer to create a QOpenGLWidget on a MainWindow

I can retrieve the widget via findChild<QOpenGLWidget*>()

My understanding is that to leverage the widget, there are a couple of
virtual methods that needs to be overridden e.g. paintGL(), resizeGL(),

However, the widget I retrieve via findChild() will be the base class
without the overridden methods.

I must be missing something here.

Where can I read up more on how this can be resolved ?

The OpenGL examples I found did not use Qt Creator to create the UI


Nicholas Yue
Graphics - Arnold, Alembic, RenderMan, OpenGL, HDF5
Custom Dev - C++ porting, OSX, Linux, Windows
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