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> On 03/05/2021 11.23, eric.fedosejevs at gmail.com wrote:
> > I find this whole argument that Qt is not appropriate for functional
> > safety very puzzling. Aren’t vehicle dashboards QtC’s main market
> > these days? What are vehicle dashboards if not safety critical?
> Are they? I thought it was infotainment systems. There's quite the
> difference between those two. (At least in most cars; Teslas I think may
> be starting to blur that distinction, and to an extent that likely
> alarms some people.)

Qt is also used for vehicle dashboards.
But yet Qt is not to be used for functional safety.
That's the sole reason for the existence of Qt Safe Render, which is suited
for functional safety.

The idea is that Qt is used to display 3D eye candy, while Qt Safe Render
displays critical information.
Meaning that if Qt fails/crashes it has 0 consequences to functional safety
because the Qt Safe Renderer is still displaying what's important for the
functional safety.

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