[Interest] Official linuxdeployqt ?

Hamish Moffatt hamish at risingsoftware.com
Wed Aug 10 04:31:43 CEST 2022

On 9/8/22 23:50, Roland Hughes via Interest wrote:
> On 8/9/22 05:00, Vadim Peretokin wrote:
>> Just to correct some biases here, in my opinion as a software publisher
>> AppImage is still the simplest way for a user to run your app.?
>> To get Mudlet (a FOSS text games client) all you need to do is go to
>> https://www.mudlet.org/download, download the .tar, right-click to
>> extract it and double-click to run.?
> Not to discount your experience, but I've been in IT almost 40 years 
> now. Not once in my career have I ever used an AppImage. I have used 
> Debian, RPM, Snap, and Flatpak.
> Most companies and many Linux distros have started making it more 
> difficult for someone to "just download and install from a Web site" 
> because Malware is everywhere.
> When your OpenSource project includes the scripts to make a proper 
> Debian or RPM package, you dramatically increase the odds of getting 
> your package into the actual distro repos. Does any distro actually 
> put AppImage files in their repo? I'm asking. I have never heard of it 
> but that doesn't mean there isn't some obscure distro doing that. 

I have never used an AppImage in 25 years of Debian and Linux experience 
either. It sounds equivalent to downloading a random unsigned .EXE from 
a web site and running it. I prefer official deb packages, or OCI/Docker 
container images, or at least a proper third party deb (ideally in a 

Flatpak offers signed builds and sandboxing. If you were going to build 
a deployment format into linux deployqt it would have to be a modern 
format that included signing and sandboxing.



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