[Interest] QT Creator consistency

Turtle Creek Software support at turtlesoft.com
Sat Dec 3 01:24:56 CET 2022

The last few updates to QT Creator have made small changes to the user
interface, annoyingly.

Using the latest, I weirdly kept seeing preprocessor output. Huh?  Turns
out Follow Symbol Under Cursor moved from #2 to #3 in the right-click
menu.  When using a command 50 times a day, one clicks by position not by
reading text. Minor changes have big impact. If I remember right, it was
somewhere else a few updates back, and that also required adjusting.  Was
it also renamed at some point?

Follow Symbol Under Cursor in source files used to jump to that function in
the header.  That stopped working a few updates ago.

The pull-down menu of function names went from alphabetical to page-order a
few updates ago.  Sometimes it's better but sometimes not.  Being able to
switch between would be very helpful.

We have a lot of old code that has #pragma mark -, which insets a separator
in other IDEs.  QTC says (Unnamed Group) instead.

In general, each update becomes an adventure in figuring out how to be
productive again.


Casey McDermott
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